AEP Generation Resources Inc. (AEPGR or Licensee), a unit of American Electric Power (AEP), is the Licensee, owner, and operator of the 47.5 megawatt (MW) Racine Hydroelectric Project (Project) (Project No. 2570), located on the Ohio River (RM 237.5) near the Town of Racine in Meigs County, Ohio. The Project is located at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' (USACE) Racine Locks and Dam and is operated in a run-of-river mode. The construction of the USACE’s Racine Locks and Dam began in 1966 and the Racine Locks and Dam went into service in 1969. The hydroelectric facilities were completed in 1983 and are operated as a run-of-river hydroelectric generating facility.

The features associated with the FERC-licensed portion of the Racine Project include the water-retaining integral powerhouse/intake structure and a cellular cofferdam non-overflow section connecting the powerhouse to the right abutment. The balance of the development is owned, operated, and regulated by the USACE and is not part of the FERC-licensed Project. The USACE portions of the development include a short gravity section between the powerhouse and spillway, a 1,717-foot-long spillway, two lock structures at the left end of the spillway, and the left abutment.

Facilities Map
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The current license expires on November 30, 2023. In accordance with FERC’s regulations, AEPGR must file its application for a new license with FERC no later than November 30, 2021.